Research Associate, Benjamin Levich Institute,
City College of New York

Welcome to my personal webpage. Here you can find an overview of my scientific research interests, as well as useful contact and curriculum information.

Research interests

My research is driven by a profound interest in statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics.

I am interested in the structure and flow behavior of soft materials like grains or dense suspensions. My main focus is to link the microscopic particle properties to a more tangible macroscopic bulk behavior. Soil, which is made up of countless interacting grains is a perfect example of soft granular materials. When soil is sheared, the flow is confined to narrow regions called "flowing zones". During the PhD, I studied these flowing zones in the Split-bottom Geometry.

Made August 2014 by myself with help of my colleague Nicolas Rivas.

Abhinendra Singh

FIG. 1. (color online). The subject (black tee) in the beautiful hills of Polland.



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