Anthony Thornton’s Homepage

Universitair docent (Assistant professor)

Joint position between Multi-scale Mechanics Group and Department of Applied Mathematics.


Research Overview

I work jointly between the Multi-scale Mechanics and Mathematics of Computational Science groups. My main research interest is in granular materials, in the past focusing on size segregation in dense granular avalanche flows. During this research a continuum model of size segregation for dense granular free surface flows was developed and compared to simple laboratory experiments.

My research is applied mathematics based; but I believe in using the powerful combination of experiments, simulations and numerical solution to gain a deeper understanding of a problem from all sides. Therefore, my work includes small (and sometimes large) scale experiments, deriving new models, constructing software packages to solve both PDE’s (hpGEM) and to simulate particles (MercuryDPM), and analytical work. I am currently involved with projects that include all of these aspects, more details can be found on the research interests page.

Links to the two software packages I am heavy involved in the development of can be found below:

Also now offer training, consultancy and support for MercuryDPM via our new company


Pictures: Top left is a picture of an algae farm. This is from an on-going collaboration with a local company to investigate (both mathematical and in practice) the factors effecting algae growth. Bottom left is from the Hele-Shaw beach experiment. Right, is from the bore-soliton splash experiments. For more details see the research interests page.

Open position(s)

None at the moment.