Research Interests:
  • Continuum modelling of granular systems.
    • Geophysical and industrial flows, e.g. avalanches, particle segregation and more.
  • Develop accurate micro-macro mapping techniques, i.e. from dicrete data to continuum fields.
  • Experiments and DPM simulations.


On 27th-31st March 2017, MercuryLab will offer once again its popular courses on C++ programming and Discrete Particle Simulations. More information can be found here.

Co-organising two focus sessions
(i) Micro-Macro: From Discrete Particles to Continuum Models of Granular Mechanics, Session Code: 12.
(ii) Segregation in granular systems, Session Code: 8.
Abstract sumission deadline: 6th March, click here for more details.

MercuryDPM 0.10 is now available here. New features: More complex wall shapes and Lees-Edwards boundaries; reorganisation of the source files; and a better build system (cmake). Have fun with it, and, as always, give us feedback!

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