JMBC/OSPT Particle Technology course, 11-15 October 2010:

Kreutzer (Wet Phase Nanoparticles, Nucleation, Growth)
Kuipers (Numerical Particle Flow and Industrial Application)
Luding_0 (Introduction)
Luding_1 (Particle Interactions and Modeling)
Luding_2 (Powder Flow)
Luding_3 (Population Balance)
Magnanimo (Size Distributions)
Meesters (Granulation and Attrition)
Merkus (Particle Size Measurement)
Schmidt-Ott (Nano-particle Production)
Theuerkauf (to be delivered ...)
Thornton (Mixing and Segregation)
van der Hoef (Fluid-Particle Interactions)
van der Meer (Granular Flow)
van Ommen (Sedimentation)
van Ommen (Fluidization)
van Ommen (Nano-Particle Coating)
Yurteri (Aerosols)

Exercises 1 (Particle Sizes and Distributions)
Exercises 2 (Sedimentation, Fluidization)
Exercises 3 (Silos, Design, Tensors)
Exercises 4 (Particle Size Changes)