JMBC Particle Technology course, 02-06 March 2015:
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Handouts: JMBC 2015 Particle Technology course:
(Presence in the course and understanding the talks+handouts = 1.5E;
submitting exercises (#2 etc., below) qualifies for the remaining = 1.0EC;
alternatively, the course can be done in self-study mode (all exercises) = 2.5EC)

Luding (Introduction+Literature)
Luding (Particles+Fluids Basics)
Merkus (Particle Characterization)
Luding (Modeling 1)
Kwade (Powder Flow)
Kwade (Comminution)
Kramer (Crystallisation)
Luding (Modeling 2)
Magnanimo (Rheology)
Literature: [Powder Technology 162 (2006) 208-229, Granular material flows: An overview, Charles S. Campbell]
and [Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. 40 (2008) 1-24, Flows of Dense Granular Media, Yoel Forterre and Olivier Pouliquen]
Deen (Two-Phase-Flow Modeling)
Brem (Bio-Mass Particles)
Thornton (Mixing and Segregation)
van Ommen (Nano Particle Technology)
van Ommen (Fluidization)
van Ommen (Fluid Beds ALD)
van Ommen (Pneumatic Transport)
Ramaioli (Capillarity, Wetting, Wicking) - avaialble on request ...
Vonk (Population Balance)

Exercises: JMBC 2015 Particle Technology course:
(the numbers (#) give the part of the exercise we want you to work on; self-study mode requires the full exercises).
Exercise 1: Particle sizes (#3)
Exercise 2: Particles+Fluids (#2)
Exercise 3: Simple Contact Models (#1)
Exercise 4: Powder Flows (#1 + #2(Teamwork))
Exercise 5: Suspensions
Exercise 6: Tensor Basics
Exercise 7: Two Phase Flow (#1 + #4)
Exercise 8: Population Balance (#all)

Handouts: Previous JMBC 2010 Particle Technology course:
Kreutzer (Wet Phase Nanoparticles, Nucleation, Growth)
Kuipers (Numerical Particle Flow and Industrial Application)
Luding_0 (Introduction)
Luding_1 (Particle Interactions and Modeling)
Luding_2 (Powder Flow)
Luding_3 (Population Balance)
Magnanimo (Size Distributions)
Meesters (Granulation and Attrition)
Merkus (Particle Size Measurement)
Schmidt-Ott (Nano-particle Production)
Theuerkauf (to be delivered ...)
Thornton (Mixing and Segregation)
van der Hoef (Fluid-Particle Interactions)
van Ommen (Sedimentation)
van Ommen (Fluidization)
van Ommen (Nano-Particle Coating)
Yurteri (Aerosols)

Exercises: Previous JMBC 2010 Particle Technology course:
Exercises 1 (Particle Sizes and Distributions)
Exercises 2 (Sedimentation, Fluidization)
Exercises 3 (Silos, Design, Tensors)
Exercises 4 (Particle Size Changes)