Publication List

Journal Articles (J)

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Refereed conference proceedings (C)

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Book Chapters (B)

  1. Weinhart, Fuchs, Kappl, Staedler, Luding Sintering -- pressure and temperature-dependent contact models Particles in Contact, Eds: Sergiy Antonyuk, p. 311-338 preprint
  2. Luding, Rivas, Weinhart From soft and hard particle simulations to continuum theory for granular flows ALERT Geomaterials Doctoral School (2017) preprint
  3. Tunuguntla, Weinhart, Thornton Discrete particle simulations with MercuryDPM ALERT Geomaterials Doctoral School (2017) preprint

Non-refereed articles (N)

  1. Weinhart, Thornton, EinavEditorial: Modelling and computational challenges in granular materials Computational Particle Mechanics 3(3), 291-292 (2015) preprint
  2. Weinhart, Tunuguntla, Thornton, LudingPhysik der Lawinen Physik-Journal September Issue, 31 (2016) preprint
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  5. Thornton, Weinhart, Bokhove, et alModeling, optimization of algae growth Proc. 72nd European Study Group Mathematics with Industry, CWI, 54-85 (2010) preprint

Selected Abstracts (A)

  1. Denissen, Weinhart, Luding and Thornton, Front formation in bidispersed shallow chute flows Seventh Conference on Coupled Problems 2017
  2. Gladkyy, Roy, Weinhart, Luding, Schwarze, DEM simulations of weakly wetted granular materials: implementation of capillary bridge models Fourth Conference on Particle-Based Methods (PARTICLES 2015) preprint
  3. Richardson, Blum, Weinhart, Schwartz, Michel, Walsh, Numerical simulations of landslides calibrated against laboratory experiments for application to asteroid surface processes AAS/Div. for Planetary Sciences Meeting Abstr. 44 (2012) preprint
  4. Courtland, Thornton, Weinhart, Bokhove, Connor, Tephra Flows on Cinder Cones: A Numerical Approach AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 1, 2692 (2012) preprint
  5. Julianto, Ambati, Bokhove, van der Vegt, Weinhart, Thornton, Discontinuous Galerkin implementation with hpGEM ECCOMAS Meeting Abstracts (2010) preprint

Student's Theses (S)

  1. Hydrodynamic theory of wet particle systems S Roy, PhD thesis (2018)
  2. Polydisperse granular flows over inclined channels D Tunuguntla, PhD thesis (2015)
  3. A Molecular Dynamics study of non-Newtonian flows of simple fluids in confined and unconfined geometries R Hartkamp, PhD thesis (2013)
  4. Closure laws for granular, shallow-layer, bi-dispersed flows down an inclined chute A te Voortwis, MSc thesis (2013) preprint
  5. Experiments and prediction of the spreading behavior of fibrous tows by means of the Discrete Element Method AA Bakhtiary Davijani, MSc thesis (2012) preprint
  6. Modeling granular flows impinging on an inclined plane with use of an open source DPM code in 3D R Fransen, MSc thesis, cum laude (2012)

My Thesis (T)

  1. A Posteriori Error Analysis of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Linear Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws T Weinhart, PhD Thesis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (2009) preprint